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28 April, 2020

COWI appointed environmental and technical consultants

As the new gas terminal will supply liquefied methane (natural gas and biogas) to a large part of the industry and the shipping business all around the Baltic Sea, this project is significant for the continuous development of our entire region. OxGas AB has appointed the trusted partner COWI to perform a multidisciplinary planning of the terminal.

The location of the new gas terminal is carefully planned and now it’s time for the more detailed part of the process – and this is where COWI comes in, says Douglas Heilborn, CEO of OxGas AB and the Port of Oxelösund.

A holistic commitment

COWI has long experience and knowledge in conducting advanced industrial projects, from idea and analysis to complete facility.

We have great trust in COWI and have established an ECPM contract* to enable COWI to take an active role in the process, says Douglas Heilborn.

COWI’s assignment is a comprehensive commitment that includes project management, detailed planning of all disciplines, purchasing of equipment, agreements with subcontractors, installation management, and commissioning. The terminal is planned to deliver its first batch of liquefied methane in the end of 2022.

We have a close, long-term collaboration with OxGas and a very proud of being able to contribute to the ever so important green transition within industry and transports. We are happy to share our competence all the way, from planning to delivery, says Anna Berggren, Marketing Director of Industry at COWI.

* ECPM stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management.

For more information, please contact:
Douglas Heilborn, CEO of Oxgas AB and the Port of Oxelösund
+46 155 25 81 16

Anna Berggren, Marketing Director of Industry at COWI
010-850 15 74

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28 April, 2020

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