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The gas terminal

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Safe solution

Robust construction in a carefully selected location

The new gas terminal will be ready in late 2022/early 2023. Symbolising a bright, sustainable future for both steel manufacturing and sea transports, our new landmark will be placed at a carefully chosen spot.

Rising 45 metres, the terminal has a sturdy construction of steel and concrete. Well proven building methods and material will ensure safe handling directly to train, trucks, and vessels.

A sustainable landmark

Height: 45 m

Diameter: 30 m

Capacity: approx 30 000 ㎥

Planned commissioning: 2022-2023


Inner tank of steel and 9 % nickel


Insulation of perlite (non-combustible, 100 % natural material) to keep the gas chilled down to -160 ˚C


Gas pipes for bunkering and outloading


Outer tank of steel-covered concrete


The inside of the tank has submerged pumps for transporting the gas to the evaporators


The tanks stands on a base of 260 seismic insulators

Smooth transition

The first step

While waiting for all granted permissions needed to start the building procedure, we are setting up a temporary, much smaller and simpler so called step 1 terminal. This terminal will be ready to operate already in May 2020.

A standardised thermos


Tank with double steel walls




Gas pipeline

New methods, new fuels

Caring for people and environment

The new gas terminal