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About us

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We have the means and see the opportunities

A fully-owned subsidiary of the Port of Oxelösund, OxGas AB was established to facilitate the supply of natural gas and biogas to SSAB. Their reconversion from traditional coal and coke-based production to scrap-based steel manufacturing, will result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. In parallel, increasingly stricter shipping legislation means higher demands for fossil-free shipping fuels – and this is where LNG, liquefied natural gas (and soon also biogas), becomes the common denominator. What drives us forward is our will to take our customers closer to a more efficient and sustainable energy source.

Strategic location and unique infrastructure

Here in Oxelösund sea meets land, and highway meets railroad. Our town has a central and strategically important location by the Baltic Sea, with international shipping traffic both calling the port and passing by just off the coast. Thanks to our basically unique infrastructural opportunities, enabling direct outloading to both cargo trucks and trains, the new gas terminal in the port will allow us to deliver sustainable energy to a large industrial region. In addition, it’s only a 20-minute drive to the airport. Read more about the operations in the Port of Oxelösund at