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Renewable fuel

High pressure on increasing biogas production

Although generating minimal emissions compared to for example oil, natural gas is still a fossil energy source. Biogas on the other hand, can be produced from many different types of residues and can also at any time be mixed with and replace natural gas, with no need to change machines or equipment. So why not use biogas right here and now? The reasons are two; availability and cost.

Although the biogas production is constantly growing, there are still no large-scale production facilities in our country. To kickstart cost-efficient production that can press the price to a competitive level, the biogas industry needs financial support. An investigation of the biogas market suggests the introduction of a national government support to the biogas production industry in 2021. This would speed up the production capacity and improve the conditions for sea and land transports, as well as for the industry and power generation business.

New methods, new fuels

Caring for people and environment

The new gas terminal